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So I haven't updated in awhile, and there really is no need to now, cus nothing has really happened, but I'm bored and have nothing to do, so I will! Anywho, prom is this weekend and I guess that's tite, except I'm not as pumped as I thought I would be... I really just want to get dressed up and that's it. See, I won't be getting the all too infamous prom "booty" since I'm going with a friend so I really have nothing else to look forward to.
I really think that Val Val's last party was her best and I was glad that I didn't throw up, I was pissed I sobered up for part of it, but REALLY glad I'm learning to hold my liquor. I think that we should really do the End of the World party like in Rules of Attraction. I think it's tite celebrating your last day to live. I mean, wouldn't you get drunk on your last day on earth???
I think I'm really sick of boys and am going to try to get over my fear of lesbians so I can become one, at least for a week during college so I can be seen around campus with a hot lesbian girlfriend, who I will no fool around with most likely, and people can see me and go "Wow, there's a hot lesbian!" But the thing is, there are no real hot lesbians because if you're hot, you don't have to go after women... so this is really just a fantasy in my head, which is fine, cus I can't see myself "eating out" all the time, if you know what I mean...
Well, I really didn't have much to say, just bored. I know that my last days of high school are here, and I just wanted to get in a few more entries before it’s all over. Hopefully I'll have something more pertinent to write about next time. Later Days!
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