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Happy Fucking Birthday My Meags!

Okay, so Meags party was absolutely sick! I mean seriously, I was like barfing for the last 2 hours I could stand. But I still thoroughly enjoyed myself... at least from what I can remember. I think that's the feeling about this party, I liked what I can remember. As the 7 or 8 of us left this morning reminisced about the night we all discovered how drinking can bring us closer together. Hell, I told the world how I used to have a crush on Ka Freshman year, and Anne has one less enemy, which is an accomplishment for the bitch squad. You know, I really like most people, despite how I act; I really do like a lot of people. I like how even though I was like totally disgusting as a barfed in the front and back yard and in the bathroom, all my friends and people I don't even know made sure I was okay. And Em was with me the whole time... well, so was Logan, but that's more a negative thing.

I smoked with Meags for the 2nd time ever in my life, and then I smoked cigarettes with Joey! (It was a total mother and son bonding moment.) Then of course I got drunk off my ass on Jack and thought it would be a good idea to take some shots of Bacardi. This Alex guy told me the next morning I downed a glass like water... which is probably why it came up like 2 minutes later.

I love my friends so much! They always have my back and I know that this party made us even friendlier. Thanks Val Val for letting us trash your dad's house and then cleaning it up the next morning. I love you girl! Thanks Anne for being our token slut for the evening... and in our daily lives. Thanks Ka for not running the fuck away when I kept telling you I was in love with you. And thanks Meags, for fucking being born, fucking getting me high, fucking falling totally split off your ass, letting me have your blanket when I was finally ready to sleep, being so fucking happy when I walked in the door, and then being the best fucking friend EVER! I LOVE YOU!
I also love Natalie Portman. That brat cracks me the fuck up. She's the only one who would be as fat as me and go to Steak n' Shake at 10:00 in the morning... haha, I love my friends.
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