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Bummed at My Friends

So, I was totally bummed after my Open House. Only 6 people came out of the THOUSANDS I invited. Those people were MEL MEL, Allie, Emily, Anne, Kara, and Kalen. I love you girls, thanks so much! And I know Val Val had boo boo work, Billy was at the track, and Dan was with his family, so that's all good too. Some people had an Italy trip, but the rest were either unaccounted for or didn't tell me what was up. After such a HUGE let down, all I could think was that was some naive fool thinking that I had all these friends... and even some of my so called BEST friends didn't come. I'm sure (hoping) there were legitimate reasons, but there's this feeling like I totally asked for this by saying "Fuck all y'all, I don't want to hang out with you after high school." So, remembering this made me sort of feel better about the ordeal, that and Billy's uplifting words and my awesome grad gifts from my folks (diamond, sapphires, and The Sims 2 University, oh my!) But it still sucks, I'm not gonna lie. I wish I was nicer or prettier or something so that I could at least get a CALL saying, "Hey, I totally just don't feel like going to your lame ass Open House, peace." Where I would have replied, "Fuck you! I don't like you anyway." Oh well, Mel's open house was tite, and at least I had Landon's party was totally awesome.
I guess I'm just really pissed at some of my friends, and I don't really feel obligated anymore to hang out with them, not that I did before. Whatever, I'm totally bummed and I really wish my mom had listened to me and not thrown a dumb open house, cus I totally called this happening. Thought I wouldn't care, I did, I guess I'm a bigger baby than I thought. Who cares. My summer motto. At least until I get unbummed. Peace, love, and later days.
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