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To the President of the United Bitch Squad:

I'm sorry Val that I neglected my duties as a member of the bitch squad. As one of the co-founders of the squad I should no better than to let the President (and also one of my best friends) down by not looking out for her. I am so grateful to you for letting us use your house in the first place, and then letting us use it when you're not there. You're the best and only President I could ever want. I get drunk with you, happy with you, and I'm always glad you're around. Never again will I be such a fuck head and forget not only my responsibilities as a bitch squad member but as a friend. I care about you, and what's more I respect you and Saturday I didn't show that at all. Thanks for being there for me always, and a thousand apologies for not doing the same. I love you Val Val.

Vise President of United Bitch Squad
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