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BIBs and The Emerson

Last night was so much fun! I'm really glad Meags wanted to go to The Emerson, cus otherwise I would have never heard of this totally awesome place. All the BIBs blew my mind and there was one point I turned to Meags and said, "I want to make love to everyone on the floor right now." It was so amazing! And then Meags bought me the Remanence CD and she got the whole band to sign it for me! Even Michael, the new love of my life... even though I'm sure he'll never call, at least Meags was patient enough to wait for me to give him my number... thanks. Anyways, the other band I really like is Shadeland and I'm planning on going back on March 26th to hear them play as well. I felt that the lead singer looked specifically at me when he told everyone to come... I could have been imagining it, but I'm coming none the less. I thought that Remanence and Shadeland were the only really good bends, although we didn't stay to see Seven Degrees from Center, sorry Jonesy. But I'll see them on the 26th!!! So, now I'm totally into this whole punk/rock/alternative music thing and I might even dye my hair purple at some point... or blue or something. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH BIBS!!! Now all I have to do is get me one...
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